Three Core Principles

Safety First

We believe safety should be your number one goal when determining a retirement strategy. Help us provide you with safe options for retirement. 

Safe Options for Retirement

When you’re close to retiring, you may start to look for safe options for your retirement. For those already in retirement, the idea of keeping your money safe may be important. Typically, when people are still working, their risk tolerance is a little higher. However, once we enter retirement, we may begin to look for ways to conserve our money. Some clients are ok having a portion of their money in investments with stock market or other risk. Yet, you probably have some portion of your money you want to keep. At Lifelong Financial Solutions, we focus on safe options for retirement.

Our Guiding Principles

In addition to our faith and guiding life principles, we also use these financial principles in our work: 


Some of your money is “safe money”


Reasonable rate of return** over time


Simple strategies work

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What Are Some Safe Options for Retirement?

Our company name is “Longlife Financial Solutions.” One reason for this is that we believe in protecting your wealth throughout your whole life. This becomes especially important in the retirement years. After all, you want to make your income in retirement last as long as you do. But what happens to a retiree who has all his money at risk in the market? But, what if the market goes down? You may lose some of your money. In other words, you may have less time to “bounce back” if that happens. Of course, all investments have risks. Yet, there are some safe options for retirement that keep your principal in-tact, even if the market drops.

Safety should be part of your overall retirement picture.

Lifelong Financial Solutions helps you find products that may protect your money. For example, certain types (not all!) of annuities and life insurance products may provide principal protection* or income, regardless of market conditions. Other products may focus on helping you to have benefit options, such as long-term care potential. In addition, some of these options also have a reasonable rate of return** strategy to take advantage of some potential upside as well.

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Helping You Keep Your Money

Interested to know more about how you may keep your money safe yet still have a reasonable rate of return**? Join us at one of our educational seminars. We’ll share with you some retirement concepts that may help you keep your money protected*. 

Keep Your Money Secure
Lifelong Financial Solutions is here to guide you in...

Safe Options for Retirement

Some people like having investments in the stock market in their portfolio. However, some people find the risks of the market too big. If you are still working, then perhaps the risks don’t bother you. Maybe you still have time on your side to bear the ups and downs. Yet, as you get closer or reach retirement, you may decide to change strategy. When you rely on your retirement savings for income, safe options for retirement may be more important. For instance, the market dropped quite a bit back in 2008. The market has also been a bit of a roller coaster in more recent years. So, the question is: “Is the potential gain worth the uncertainty?” For at least some retirees, you may like the idea of a place to keep your money safe.

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Annuities and Safety Principles

First, not all annuities or life insurance products are good products. In fact, there are some products that just don’t make sense for most people. However, some fixed index annuities (FIAs) can offer principal protections. Essentially, this FIA is a contract with an insurance company. The insurance company guarantees you won’t lose your money, even when the index drops. They make this promise using their claims-paying ability. Once certain conditions are met in your contract, the insurance company offers principal protection. In addition, after a certain number of years, you may be able to receive retirement income as well. You may also have other protection benefits including death benefits, long-term care, or beneficiary benefits. Of course, these benefits depend upon your particular contract. Be sure to discuss the details of your safe retirement options with us.

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